Eva Lea Klein - Tailor and Trained Designer

Eva Lea Klein

A diversely experienced professional, Eva Lea Klein has worked in both the United States and Brazil. She started working as a sales representative in her father's retail store, where she fulfilled a number of responsibilities as needed. Skilled in working with customers, Eva Lea Klein assumed all managerial roles to support the success of her father and that of the store.

Ms. Klein left her role in the retail shop when she completed her studies in architectural design at a university in Brazil. She then relocated to the United States and has since learned the skills of a tailor. She served in this role for eight years at the Banana Republic store in Boca Raton, Florida. There, she not only altered and fit garments but also provided translation services for the store's Spanish and Portuguese customers.

Ms. Klein returns to Brazil often and frequently visits New York City and Austin, Texas, as well. She particularly enjoys visiting her children and grandchildren who live in these distant locales.